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How To Order Restricted Keys – Infographic

Ordering keys in Toronto is getting more complicated.  Insurance company requirements and information on the Internet showing you how to defeat your existing lock is forcing the simple lock and key to evolve.  Have no worries, getting keys is easy

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Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt


Touchscreen Deadbolt Revolutionary Security for Everything You Need to Protect High-tech meets security with the Arrow Revolution deadbolt, the latest addition to the innovative Arrow Revolution security line. With voice-guided programming and state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, form and function come together

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One Special Key

Special key order card

Imagine One key to open every lock you own every day.  Instead of a ring of keys that you have to fumble through to unlock a door, one key to unlock every lock you own. There are three ways our

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What Can A Locksmith Do For You?

Locksmith Jason Scheide of Spadina Security

A locksmith is a specialist.  We can sometimes do magic with locks.  We always offer our best, professional advice for your security. When you are thinking about spending some of your hard earned cash on improving your locks, spend some

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Home Security Tips from the Ontario Government


The Ontario Government Ministry of Community Safety and Corrections has published this list of tips for home security.  This list represents your tax dollars at work.  Make sure you take advantage of the advice paid for by you.  1. When

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Kaba 5700 Keyless Rim Lock Programming


Spadina Security was called out by a Toronto area daycare who was having trouble programming their new Eplex 5700 lock.  The lock was installed on a door with a panic bar.  By entering the code staff and parents were able

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Choosing a Security Deadbolt


There are hundreds of deadbolts to choose from when you are upgrading your front door lock in Toronto.  How can a simple home owner make the right choice?  Together we will look at the five top UL437 deadbolts from the

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Rekey Your Lock


A common service Toronto locksmiths perform is called a ‘rekey’. This involves changing the pins that make up the combination code for your lock. The old keys will no longer work and you will receive new keys.  Some people call

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Master Key Systems in Toronto


A master key system simply means that more than one key can operate a lock.  Each key is different and can also operate locks that the other cannot.  For example, key A and key B can both open the front

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Do It Yourself Deadbolt Installation

A Schlage B560 Deadbolt installed by professional locksmith in Toronto

Many people try to install their own deadbolts that they buy at the hardware store.  Some people do a good job.  Others make mistakes. One customer knew that something was wrong and gave me a call.  When I saw the

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