When to Rekey Your Locks
What is a rekey? Locksmiths rekey locks everyday. We remove the pins so that a lost key stops working and put in new pins to make sure only the new keys operate the lock. This a normal operating procedure for most buildings and homes in Toronto and the GTA. Read more

Do You Need a Video Recorder?
Technology continues to improve. When I started working with Security Cameras we used a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) to capture the images from the cameras. Read more
What are RFID Fobs?
It seems like everyone in Toronto is using RFID fobs to unlock doors today. Hold up the fob to the reader and the door unlocks. Read more
Break in Repaired
This Mul-T-Lock deadbolt was stronger than the door.  When this door was opened with force, the lock held and held. Read more
Locksmith Infographic
Imagine one key to open your every lock every day.  One key to unlock your home and your work.  One key to open your deadbolt and your padlock. Read more
Arrow Revolution V3 Touchscreen Lever Lock
Arrow Announces the Release of the Revolution V3 Touchscreen Lever Lock Arrow Lock is proud to announce the release of the latest addition to the Revolution line of stand-alone electronic locking s... Read more
Do Door Operators Increase Business?
When we install a door operator for a business we always hope more people will visit the store. Read more
Should you hand out keys to staff?
A key is a very special thing. When you hand out one key, it is exactly like every other key that opens that lock. Read more
How To Order Restricted Keys - Infographic
Ordering keys in Toronto is getting more complicated. Read more
Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt
Touchscreen Deadbolt Revolutionary Security for Everything You Need to Protect High-tech meets security with the Arrow Revolution deadbolt, the latest addition to the innovative Arrow Revolutio... Read more
One Special Key
Imagine One key to open every lock you own every day.  Instead of a ring of keys that you have to fumble through to unlock a door, one key to unlock every lock you own. Read more
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