Access Control in Toronto

Access Control in Toronto

We just finished an access control system in Toronto. Nine doors that can now be opened with a proximity card or fob. The client wanted to use some of the additional alarm options available with an access control system: Door Left Open and Door Forced Open.

Access Control Systems are essentially a 24h alarm system with many added features. It can be very difficult to provide automatic alarm notification in a live office environment but it can be done.

Our first task is to make sure the system knows which side of the door a person is on when the door is opened. This way a person can leave normally through a door but cannot open the door from the outside without a card swipe. This is done with a Request-To-Exit (REX) motion detector on the inside of the door.

The Paradox Paradoor is the nicest looking REX on the market. The triangle motion detector looks right at the door knob and senses your hand before it opens the door and shunting the alarm on that door.

Many companies are moving to 24 hour alarm systems like this one. There is a benefit to keeping your front door locked. There are dedicated purse thieves who walk into offices and take purses and laptops that are left out. They are rarely confronted. Using a card system allows you to control who can enter your front door.