The Locksmith Business in Toronto

The Locksmith Business in Toronto

As I take apart a Sargent 7 Line lever lockset it strikes me that standards are everything in this business. The Locksmith Business. I begin to repin the cylinder placing each pin in the cylinder, double checking the code of the key against the manufactures’ pinning code printed on my pin kit. My customer doesn’t need to know the details. When I am done she turns the key and feels the smooth action of a renewed lock.

Pinning by code

Rekeying is an everyday skill for a locksmith in Toronto. I come right to your front door, remove your lock and take it apart. Carefully, I discard the used pins and replace them with fresh new pins that are coded to the new keys I am about to give you. Your lock should be rekeyed at least once every five years. This ensures that any keys you may have lost track of do not come back to visit with out your permission!

When you move into a new house, apartment or office you should always call me, your locksmith, to change the keys to your lock. When I arrive I inspect your lock to ensure it is working the way you expect it to. There are many locks that are simply not working. The owner only finds out once a burglar has tested the lock and found its weakness.

As I leave my customer’s home or office I always have a warm feeling. I have just ensured her security, made sure that the old keys no longer work, and the lock works the way it should. The neighbourhood burglars will be going next door instead.

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