Medeco Mortise Cylinder Damaged

Medeco Mortise Cylinder Damaged

Vandals used a pocket knife to attempt to open this Medeco mortise cylinder in a Toronto Coop.

MedecoA damaged Medeco mortise cylinder in Toronto cylinders are robust and virtually burglar proof.  The would-be burglars had no chance of opening the lock last night.

They did manage to damage the lock.  The brass pins were bent by the break and enter attempt making it appear as if there were a broken key left in the lock when other keys could not be inserted into the lock.

Medeco is a manufacture of a class of lock often called “High Security” and are UL 437 Listed.  This means that a Medeco lock is pick resistant, drill resistant and has key copy control.  This customer was happy to learn that the burglars had failed to gain entry.

Spadina Security often recommends UL437 listed locks and cylinders from Mul-T-Lock.

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