Locksmith Magic

Locksmith Magic

My job (I love my job) involves a certain amount of magic.

Not a trick to make someone believe that the impossible is possible but real, logical, magical feats to make your life easier and more secure.

KD = Keyed Different
Locks often come keyed different, that is to say that each lock is operated by a unique key that operates no other lock.  This is important.  This means that your lock will not be opened by another key.

KA = Keyed Alike
My first trick is called “One Key”. Imagine having just one key to open every lock you encounter in an average day. You can get rid of that big ring of keys and just have one key on a key ring flash light, or some other useful device to ensure you don’t lose your one small key.

It is possible. Sometimes we need to change the cylinder or the whole lock to ensure compatibility but the cost is usually less than you expect.

My second trick is called a “Re-Key”. When you lose your key, or if it gets stolen you need to change your lock. (You should also change your lock when you move in.) Instead of changing the whole lock we can just change the key. This is the number one service we offer.

My third trick is called “Master Keying”. Often seen in big apartment buildings there is one key that opens every lock but each lock also has its own key. This way one apartment key will not open another tenant’s apartment. We can do this magic with as few as two locks. If you have a basement tenant this magic might be right for you.

3-in-1 Revolving Combination
My last trick is only available on Mul-T-Lock products. The 3-in-1 system allows the owner of the lock to change the key without calling a locksmith to the  door.  This system must be set up when the lock is installed.

There are three keys that operate this lock:  Green, Yellow and Red.  The colours of a traffic light.

The green key is the first key to use.  If it is lost or stolen the yellow key is inserted into the lock and used normally.

Using the yellow key locks out all the green keys.

The yellow key now operated the lock and additional yellow keys can be made.

If a yellow key is lost or stolen normal use of the red key will lock out the yellow keys.

The red key is now the only key that will operate this lock.

Coloured like a traffic light